Beaver Bus Entitled Reservation Form

This form is for Entitled students ONLY.

If you have not had your entitlement confirmed by the Local Authority, then please contact them on before completing this form.

Please be aware that we are a Commercial Operator and operate double decker service buses that do not have seatbelts. We may legally carry standing passengers and your ticket purchase with Beaver Bus Ltd, reserves a place on the bus not a seat. 

Please make sure you are signed up with us by the first Friday in August. Applications left until after this time will not be guaranteed a place and may have to go on a waiting list before a bus will be allocated, nor will we guarantee that we will be able to organise a place on a service before the schools go back after the holidays.

Please complete the online Reservation Form below with all your details. (* Denotes required field).

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    * Upload a clear Photo of students face for Buss Pass ID (JPEG format):

    Strictly no snap chat filters, hats or sunglasses will be accepted in the photo submissions. The photo must be close to the face with a plain light coloured background (similar to a passport photo).