Beaver Bus Pass System

Please keep your pass in a wallet or holder. We are using an electronic system and if the card is damaged it WILL NOT SCAN. The system is contactless, with the student only needing to show the card to the new reader.

Our bus pass system tells us where the student boards the bus and at what time. The bus pass machines are tracked by GPS telling us the timing and location at each stop.

We see how many passengers are on the bus at each journey.

Damaged passes or misused passes will need to be replaced due to the internal chip being damaged; this will be at the cost of £10. Once this process is complete, you will be able to print or access an e-ticket’ for your phone to use immediately, ensuring your travel remains uninterrupted.

Replacement Bus Passes

To order a replacement bus pass please fill the form in below and pay £10 via our WorldPay payment system. (* Denotes required field). Replacement pass orders will be processed during office hours, we will aim to get the pass out to you on the next available journey. Once a pass has been replaced the old pass will be invalidated.

    * Students Name:
    * Postcode:
    * Parent Name:
    * Telephone No:
    * Email:
    * Replacement Reason:
    * I Agree to Terms & Conditions:
    * I Agree to Code of Conduct:

    I understand that Beaver Bus operate a no pass no travel policy and am responsible for the student’s travel until I have confirmation that the pass has been replaced.

    You will be sent a confirmation text message once your replacement pass order has been processed, this message will inform you when the replacement pass will be ready for collection from the driver.