FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2020

Our offices are closed at present.

If you have any questions, we cannot reply to them at this time.

However, we do have a very comprehensive website where you should be able to find answers to everything you need for travel.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us again when the office is open and we will do our very best to help you – we will provide that information here for you

We are working with our schools for a possible return for this academic year. We will send out a communication once any plans have been made.

Thank you for your support with our services and your patience at this time.

Beaver Bus


Can I have a refund for travel not used for the rest of this year?

Our terms and conditions can be located here and provide any information you require about refunds. We do state that strictly no refunds after 28th February under any circumstances.

I have not set my standing order to finish on 01/03/2020 and made a payment on 01/04/2020, how do I get my payment back?

Our offices are closed and we cannot process any requests of this kind. In the first instance you should contact your bank and ensure that the standing order is cancelled with immediate effect. Ask your bank if you can recall your payment error on 01/04/2020. If you cannot, please send us an email when we re-open and we will look in to this for you.

Can I apply for travel for 2020-2021?

We are taking applications for the next academic year. We had everything in place before COVID-19 disrupted the country. There is a delay of up to a week for us to send our confirmation email to you, we will text you when your application has been processed so that you can look for it.