Where do I sign up for travel? Our reservation form can be located here www.beaver-bus.co.uk/school-buses/

What are your ticket options? We offer daily tickets at a cost of £10 which covers and AM and PM journey or an Annual Ticket that covers home to school transport AM and PM for 190 days of the academic year. We cannot offer term tickets or ‘one way’ options. If you would like to join us mid way through the year, please contact the office in the first instance to check if there is availability on the service you require. We will only offer a pro rata ticket price on travel for the Spring Term onwards.

How do I get a replacement pass? Replacement passes can be purchased from our website at a cost of £10 and will be issued by the driver on the next available journey to avoid travel interuption. You will also have the option to make a Free Daily Ticket to cover any immediate travel https://www.beaver-bus.co.uk/bus-pass-system/

How do I make a complaint? Our complaints prodecure can be found on our policy and procedure page on our website and here for youe ease of reference Complaints

How do I change to a different bus? We can only consider changes you are already allocated to a service and there is space available on the service you wish to move to. We have provided a detailed information about Bus Allocation here.