Beaver Bus Code of Conduct


This code of conduct is an important document.  It forms part of Your contract with Us, in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage and any Additional Conditions (as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Carriage) which may apply to You.  It is the condition of Your travel on Our Buses and any failure by You to comply with it is likely to have serious consequences, as set out in the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


“We “ and “Our” and “Us” and “Company” – means Beaver Bus, Unit 84, The Whittle Estate, Cambridge Road, Whetstone, Leicestershire, LE8 6LH.

“You” and “Your” – refers to you, being Our passenger.

Your Obligations


Waiting for the bus

  1. You shall arrive at the bus stop or other agreed pick up point five minutes (5) before your allotted pick up time.
  2. You shall cross all roads carefully when walking to the bus stop or other agreed pick up point.  You shall never cross the road in front of the bus and shall use all road crossings or traffic lights where possible.
  3. You shall wait for the bus in a quiet and orderly manner, back from the road, without causing a nuisance, shouting, harassing, threatening or bullying others, causing damage or acting in any way which is not respectful to others.
  4. You shall not cause damage to the bus shelter or other surrounding property.
  5. Upon arrival of the bus, You shall signal clearly to the bus driver that You wish the bus to stop, waiting well back until it stops and allowing passengers to leave the bus before trying to board.
  6. You shall board the bus in an orderly fashion without pushing in or pushing other passengers out of the way.
  7. Upon boarding the bus, You shall have Your Beaver Bus Pass, ticket or money out ready to show the driver without having to be asked or otherwise prompted.
  8. You shall not cause any unnecessary delay to the departure of the bus.
  9. On the bus

  10. If spare seats are available, You shall sit down rather than stand.  Where seat belts have been fitted, these should be fastened.  You shall not stand forward of the bus driver or on the steps. Passengers under 14 may sit 3 to a double seat.
  11. You shall not obstruct the driver’s vision at any time or distract the bus driver’s attention or speak to him whilst he is driving without good cause.
  12. You shall follow the bus driver’s reasonable instructions at all times.
  13. You shall show all tickets, bus passes and proof of identity or age to the bus driver or other officials promptly and without objection upon request.
  14. You shall not raise Your voice, shout or create unnecessary noise so as to distract the bus driver or to disturb other passengers.
  15. You shall not leave Your bags or other property unattended.
  16. You shall not consume food or drink on the bus.  Only food and drinks in a spill-proof container shall be permitted to be carried on the bus.  You shall report any spillages to the bus driver as soon as possible.  We reserve the right to charge You for all reasonable clean-up costs.
  17. You shall notify the driver of any circumstances of which You become aware which may pose a risk to safety.
  18. In case of an emergency or a breakdown, You shall promptly follow the driver’s instructions.  In normal circumstances, You shall only attempt to leave the bus once the driver has indicated that it is safe to do so. 
  19. You shall not tamper with, deface, graffiti, remove or damage any part of the bus interior or exterior.  You shall be liable to pay Us for the full repair or replacement costs for any damage, theft or loss (whole or partial), whish You intentionally or negligently cause to Our property and for all losses incurred by us as a result of such damage, theft or loss (including but not limited to loss of use) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
  20. You shall notify the bus driver immediately if You see anyone else tampering with, defacing, graffiti-ing, removing or damaging any part of the bus.
  21. You shall not say or do anything which may reasonably cause offence, harm, damage, injury, death, inconvenience, disrespect, upset, nuisance, or delay to other passengers or their property, to Us or Our property or to the bus driver.  In particular, We shall take any incidents of threatening or violent behaviour, harassment, bullying, arguments, and fighting very seriously.  Any inappropriate behaviour permits Us to refuse to let You travel on Our buses, withdraw Your ticket, Beaver Bus Pass, report You to Your school and the police, disclose personal data and CCTV footage to relevant authorities and to take any other action as We see fit.
  22. You shall not make racist, sexist or other derogatory comments.
  23. You shall not use offensive language or spit.
  24. You shall not bring prohibited, dangerous, illegal or toxic articles on the bus, including but not limited to alcohol, drugs and weapons or items which could reasonably be used as weapons.
  25. You shall not smoke, carry lighted tobacco or light a match or cigarette lighter whilst on the bus or  bring such items onto the bus.
  26. You shall not travel on any part of the bus not provided for the carriage of passengers.
  27. You shall not tamper with the emergency door or other emergency equipment on the bus which shall only be used in a genuine emergency.
  28. You shall not throw or trail any article from the vehicle.
  29. Leaving the bus

  30. When You wish to leave the bus, You shall ring the bus in plenty of time and Once only to let the bus driver know that the bus is approaching Your stop.  If standing, You shall not stand forward of the driver until the bus has stopped. If seated, You shall not get up until the bus has come to a complete standstill.
  31. You shall leave the bus in an orderly fashion and only once the doors are fully open and the bus has come to a complete standstill.
  32. Upon leaving the bus You shall never cross the road in front of the bus.  You shall wait until the bus has left before crossing the road and shall use the crossings or traffic lights where possible.