Lost Property


Any lost property queries will only be answered via email. All property (unless high value) will be left on the bus for up to a week for the owner to collect. After this time please contact us via email. We will not respond to voicemails registering an enquiry for lost property.

Lost Property T&C’s

If you find any discarded articles on Our Buses or Premises, You must notify us immediately and hand the relevant article to us in the same condition in which you found it.

We reserve the right to charge You if You lose, misplace or discard Your property on Our Buses or premises upon return of any such article to You, except where an article is returned to You during the course of the same journey in which case, on being satisfied You are a bona fide claimant, We shall return the article to You without payment or reward.

Application for the recovery of any lost property should be made to us by email enquiries@beaver-bus.co.uk

We reserve the right to open letters, packages, bags and other containers left on Our Buses or premises as we deem necessary.

If you fail to claim any article within one (1) calendar month of losing it, the property shall be deemed to have been abandoned and we may destroy or dispose of it immediately without notice.

Perishable goods shall be kept for no longer than forty eight (48) hours following the time they were found.  We reserve the right to dispose or destroy potentially dangerous articles immediately and without notice. Masks and face coverings will be considered to be a contaminate and disposed of immediately.

We shall not be liable for any Damage howsoever caused to any articles coming into our possession or arising in connection with our custody or return of such article.