This information was moved from our news page this location for customer reference.


We would like to provide the following information for our customers.

Firstly we would like to address our customers that are upset that we haven’t written to them. We sent the following SMS communication on 19/03/2020 ‘Please see our news page for latest information’ we have updated this page all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including refund information. We also send a letter to you with your pass, letting you know that this page is there for you. We find that our email communications go in to SPAM folders more often than not and felt that this was the best way to keep in touch with you.

We have responded to many enquiries about refunds for unused travel for 2019-2020, our terms and conditions located here state that no refunds will be issued after 28th February under any circumstances.

We understand the difficulty some customers have found with this response and would like to provide some information around our decisions.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to affect our services at the end of March, Beaver Bus Ltd did not cancel or withdraw school travel. The schools were closed by the Government. We responded positively and restructured all of our services to cater for students (vulnerable children and children of key workers) still attending. Passengers simply stopped travelling with us. This left us with 1 or 2 passengers on each service that required travel over 22 services. The Government then told us to send our staff home and keep them safe.

We are an Authorised Testing Facility for Trucks, Trailers, Buses and all large commercial vehicles. At the end of March, this part of our business was shut down too. We have lost revenue for vehicle repairs, servicing, car MOT’s and voluntary tests on large commercial vehicles.

It has been very difficult to reconsider our refund policy based on the sheer volume that we will have to administrate. We do not keep any bank information for customers, as we are paid by standing order a refund is not an easy task for the volume of our customers. We are still running buses. Customers who do not need them, we are sorry that you are not coming back to us this year. Please understand that this is out of our control and we have done our upmost to do what we do best and continue to run our services to passengers that do need them.

Some customers have misinterpreted our 10 monthly payment option as the amount they should be returned for each month of travel not used. Your standing order payments are your annual ticket price spread over 10 months. Not the cost of your monthly travel that you may not have used.

Although we have not offered a refund, we have extended our Early Bird Discount to 19/06/2020, which has allowed an extra 160 customers a £50 discount.

From 06/07/2020 we will be issuing all customers from 2019-2020 who have signed for up for the next academic year before 19/06/2020 a £40 refund on their ticket for 2020/2021, which they will get back through worldpay. This refund will be applied if they have paid the balance in full or they are on the monthly standing order payment option and they are up to date with their payments.

Any returning customers signing up after 19/06/2020 will have a £40 discount applied to their ticket price.

We ask for your understanding with this matter, and we are genuinely sorry if you feel let down by us at this time, please understand this some of this is out of our hands, and we are working as hard as we can to bring our excellent services back to you again very soon.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.


Beaver Bus